Trip Ratings

Below you will find descriptions of how we rate our trips for Crowsnest Outdoors. 

Please keep in mind that everyone's perception of difficulty is different.

We have rated our trips based on how we feel the average person who has good health and reasonable fitness would consider the trip difficulty. We understand that someone who is new to hiking may not think one of our easy trips is easy; on the flip side someone who is in really good shape and has lots of hiking experience may think one of our difficult trips is moderate.

Please review the below information and if you have any questions or concerns about a specific trip in our schedule, please comment on the corresponding Facebook event for that trip and the coordinator will be happy to speak with you. You may also contact us through the form on our Contact page and we can get you in touch with the coordinator.



Expect around 5km of distance and below 200m of elevation gain. The trails are usually well developed for easy navigation. There is no scrambling or exposure. Easy trips are usually in cell service and will be under 3 hours.



Expect up to 10km of distance and more than 200m of elevation gain. These trips fall anywhere in between easy and difficult. Mostly on trail but there may be some sections off trail. There is no scrambling or exposure. Moderate trips may be in or out of cell service. Day hikes are usually rated moderate because of the amount of time spent outdoors.



Expect over 10 km and lots or significant elevation gain (some trips will have over 1000m). Trips with short distances and lots of elevation gain will also be rated this way. Expect large sections of the trip to be on varying terrain with no obvious trail (scree, loose rocks). Potential exposure. All trips with scrambling will be rated difficult.