Current Board of Directors & Trip Coordinators



Trip coordinator

I moved from Calgary to Crowsnest Pass in August 2014 primarily because of the ease of access to hills particularly in shoulder seasons. In Calgary I was a trip coordinator with the Rocky Mountain Ramblers and mostly did backpacking trips in the parks and on the eastern slopes. My favourite area there was the east side of the Icefields Parkway.

I have enjoyed all the Crowsnest Outdoors trips I have been on and have met many friendly people. It is great how Crowsnest Outdoors continues to introduce people to the joys of exploring all the mountain areas around here.

It is difficult to pick a favourite area here. I enjoy spending time on mountain summits and whether they are on the edge of the prairies like Livingstone Ridge or Prairie Bluff or nearer the divide like Sentry Mountain or Tecumseh Mountain - it does not matter to me.

cole fawcett

Director & Trip coordinator

I moved to southwestern Alberta in the summer of 2016, after spending all of my life in Canada's Atlantic provinces. Coming out here for a job at Castle Mountain Resort, I knew I had a choice between living in Pincher Creek or the Pass; it took me all of one day to figure out where I wanted to be! As I have often said, I didn't move all the way across the country to look at the mountains, I wanted to be in them!

Lonely as I was, I sought the company of those I had things in common with. I think I had been in Alberta 3 or 4 days and I joined a Crowsnest Outdoors hike. Those very same people I met that night are the ones who have become my very best friends out here, and I'm so grateful for them!

I'd have to say one of my favourite areas is up the Atlas Road. Whether it's scaling the Crow, backcountry skiing, or taking in the amazing view of Window Mountain from Mount Ward, I love the area north of Hwy 3.



Kayla Green

president & trip coordinator

I moved my life from Calgary to the CNP in August of 2016 after being given the opportunity by my employer to work from home. I asked them if I could move my home outside of the city and they agreed! I love having trails minutes from my front door and the people who live in the Pass have been so kind and welcoming to me. 

Crowsnest Outdoors is how I met nearly all of my friends here in the Pass - either directly on hikes or at other events where they were friends of friends met on hikes! I'm so glad that this group existed when I moved here. And now I'm extremely involved with running it!

I like to go everywhere in the CNP, but my favourite places are the trails and peaks immediately surrounding our towns, simply for their easy access (like Turtle, PPK, Saskatoon, Big Bear, Raptor Lookout, etc). It's really nice not having to drive anywhere far! It doesn't matter what season it is either; there is always somewhere to go here in the Pass and so much fun to be had.

Dave Whitten


I moved to the Crowsnest Pass in 2008 from Edmonton.

Some of the things that I love about the Crowsnest Pass are the mountain views and easy access to a wide variety of outdoor activities.

Some favourite areas are the ridge between York and Star Creeks, the northern end of the Flathead Range, and the southern end of McGillivray Creek because it is essentially my backyard.



Jonathan Fearns

trip coordinator

I was born and raised in the Crow and left in 2004 for university and work in Calgary and Kamloops. I returned to the CNP in 2014 and have been here ever since! 

I really love Crowsnest Outdoors and have had fun being so involved with it because I enjoy sharing the value of wilderness and outdoor experiences with people.

My favourite areas to explore in the Pass are the front ranges, the small creeks and where-ever the unique plants are found!

thomas winter


As a new transplant to CNP in December 2017, I was eager to explore the area. Learning of the Crowsnest Outdoor Society early in 2018, I decided to join a trip and was immediately hooked. Coming from west central Alberta, I was not a stranger to mountains, but the opportunities awarded in the CNP is amazing. Turtle Mountain can literally be hiked after work from our door step, what an opportunity.

My wife and three kids have also fell in love with the area and all it has to offer. I hope that this year they will join me on some of the excursions COS hosts.

The areas that I find most enjoyable and visually rewarding are the peaks on the east side of the Pass. These destinations allow for mountain views contrasted by the prairie landscape.



tiffany mallard

treasurer & Trip coordinator

I have lived in Lundbreck for over 11 years with no plans to move anytime soon. It is the perfect place for me. I grew up in the prairies, but could see the mountains. Here, I get to have the best of both worlds. Beautiful mountains everywhere, but I can still look out and see the wide open prairie.

I followed COS on Facebook since they started and I really wanted to go out and meet people that like to be outside as much as I do. I had just had my 5th baby though, and I knew that it wasn’t going to happen for awhile. Last year my kids were finally old enough that I could go out and do some hikes. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know better the special place my family calls home, and making new friends at the same time.

I don’t know if I have a favourite area to hike because I think there is beauty everywhere, but I love doing peaks that I can see where I live, which is a lot. I prefer longer, harder hikes but enjoy the shorter, less demanding ones as well. I am just happy to be outside enjoying the view and the company.