Frequently asked questions

Will trips ever be cancelled?

Our trips are always subject to cancellation. The reasons we may have to cancel a trip are:

  • The temperature is a sustained -20C or colder, including wind chill

  • We are not able to access our objective due to circumstances completely out of our control, such as an active area closure

  • The weather is very poor, (thunderstorms, hail, and/or blizzards)

  • The coordinator is unexpectedly unable to lead the trip, and we are not able to get a replacement coordinator in time

Our coordinators try very hard to avoid outright cancellation by picking a different objective, when possible, so that we can still get out on the scheduled day and time. We will usually try to reschedule the original objective for a different day.

Please refer to our Facebook page and the corresponding event for the trip to view the most up-to-date information regarding that trip.

I’m interested in becoming a trip coordinator. How do I sign up?

Stay tuned! We are currently in the process of building a trip coordinator program.

I’m interested in joining the Board of Directors. How do I join?

Please attend our Annual General Meeting and if we have a vacancy, you can nominate yourself for a position on the board.

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