Crowsnest Outdoors Society Code of Conduct


1. Coordinator will be determined at the beginning of each trip. Participants shall follow the direction of the coordinator. Participants shall engage in a pre-trip assessment and briefing with the group.

2. While the Crowsnest Outdoors Society and its coordinators take reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of the group on trips, participants are responsible for their own safety at all times.

3. Participants must be adequately equipped, provisioned and prepared for the type of outing. Adequate clothing must be worn and any necessary equipment provided by the participant. The coordinator has the right to refuse to take anyone not adequately equipped, provisioned and prepared for the outing.

4. Participants must provide a signed waiver of liability before leaving the point of departure.

5. Persons under 18 years of age may participate only if accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult, or with the approval of the lead. Parent or legal guardian must sign the waiver for participant who is under 18.

6. The coordinator has the discretion to deny, in the presence of witnesses, responsibility for participants under circumstances where the participant refuses to comply with the reasonable directions of the coordinator.

7. Participants must not detach themselves from the main group without the consent of the coordinator. If a participant wishes to abandon the trip, they may do so as long as another participant accompanies them back.

8. Participants are required to understand the trip rating system (included with the schedule) and to participate only in outings appropriate to their skill level. 

9. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the point of departure. A participant must be prepared to drive to the trail head unless other arrangements have been made with the coordinator or another participant. 

10. It is the participant’s responsibility to be properly prepared for all conditions that may arise.

11. Participants are responsible for the safety of their pets on outings. Pets must be well-behaved. Coordinator has the discretion to allow a pet on a trip or not.